Ardbeg whiskey, the best single malt on the entire world

Ardbeg whiskey is one of the finest single malts offered on this planet. Now, you don’t have to just only consider in the written word but one must need to taste it to determine the power and the blend of this spirit.

The beauty of this whiskey is such that if you have savour it at the time you will certainly distinguish it the next time around. Also called the islay malt there is absolutely nothing that comes close to it in the single malt category. Those who have tasted it swear by its exclusive taste and powerful flavor. It is not for nothing that this whiskey is what coinsurers prefer as soon as they chose to rest with a few drinks of single malt.

This whiskey has more as compared with two centuries of history before it and it was in 1815 as soon as the Islay distillery was first built along the sea. The key here is that the distillery is along the sea and not close to it. As a matter of fact the place where the whiskey barrels are stored is separated only by a stone wall from the Atlantic Ocean.

The whiskey has a lot more body as compared to other single malts; this is due to the fact that it is not chill filtered and as a result is oilier as compared to others. It sticks to the glass unlike other whiskeys. The occurrence of impurities assures that every single batch of whiskey tastes diverse from the other. It is even 6% stronger as compared to the usual 40% that other whiskies claim. The bottling is simple the drink goes into the cask from there into the bottle and sooner or later into your glass. Lack of filtering method helps it to preserve its aroma and flavor and in view of this a lot of distilleries are now following this practice.

This drink is not for the beginner or the faint hearted. Not only is it intense but has the flavors of seaweed, chocolate, peat, and smoke together with a tinge of sweetness. Sipped with a dash of water this drink will assure that the flavors linger in your mouth for a long time after your drink is over. This is perhaps the only drink where you can truly taste the smoke and blended with peat, chocolate, seaweed and the inherent salt of the sea leaves you yearning for even more.

On the bright side this drink is not for you if you are new to malts. This is a drink that gradually grows on you and if you are new to malts then the lighter versions with lighter flavors of the highland will be more suitable for you. Nonetheless, as soon as you acquire a taste for this drink there is nothing else that will please your palate.

The charge too is not beyond reach and if you are willing to pay £25 for ardbeg whiskey you can absolutely taste greatness. Having tasted it at the time there is every possibility that your cabinet will always host a number of bottles of this excellent drink. Not only do you get bragging rights when you serve this to your close friends and family you can also gift it to your loved ones during special occasions like Christmas or New Year’s.